Community Improvement Program

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The JustEarth Community Improvement Program provides environmental solutions to underserved communities. Shelters, residential facilities, municipalities, and other organizations are welcome to apply. EJA selects applicants who demonstrate that their community is disadvantaged economically, socially, or otherwise and can benefit from tree care, stormwater management, beautification, and more.

A University of Vermont study conducted in 2019 found that a disproportionately high number of hazardous and dead trees can be found in low-income areas. In these communities less funding is available to care for street trees, remote landlords are unaware of the risks associated with these trees on their rental properties, and few homeowners can afford costly tree pruning and removal services.

If your organization's application is pre-selected, EJA conducts initial site visits to perform a tree survey, inspect existing stormwater management systems, and map the property grounds for planting purposes. If your application passes the initial site visits, EJA will begin a campaign to search for a community sponsor. Sponsors can "adopt" your community by providing funding for all necessary projects, including tree work, stormwater management, landscaping, and installation of a pollinator garden. Once a sponsor has been secured, work will commence on the community grounds.

Does your community need environmental assistance? Email your application today to JustEarthDC@gmail.com.

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