Hero Assistance Program

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At Ease was originally started to help military servicemembers or veterans but has quickly grown to include more heroes.

Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, EJA has extended eligibility for this program to include the following frontline workers:

- First Responders
- Teachers
- Healthcare workers

Applicants/nominees must be the owners of the property or be able to place EJA in contact with the property owner for permission purposes.

EJA selects applicants who demonstrate that their property requires significant tree-related improvement and the household can benefit from complimentary tree maintenance.

Focus will be on improving health and vigor of mature trees, improving safety, and maintaining green assets. Tree work can be daunting, especially when a member of your household is on the front lines ensuring that the rest of us are safe and happy. Our program seeks to put the families of frontline workers at ease by taking this one major task off of their plate.

If your nomination / application is pre-selected, EJA will arrange an initial site visit to perform a tree survey, inspect for visible hazards, and map the property for planning purposes. If we select you / your nominee, we will provide an official proposal of all work to be completed on the property.

RTEC Treecare
, our local partner, has donated $50,000 of tree work for military families and frontline workers in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

Do you know a hero who could use some tree work on their property? Submit a nomination form below!

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